Hi! I'm Kevon. I'm a stellar full stack developer trying to leave the world better than I found it. I love tech, design, gaming, my wife and anime (not necessarily in that order). Curious? Read on...

more about me

I am an intellectually curious problem-solver with a dedication to communicating clearly and a creative mindset. My supportive nature and empathetic approach to relating to others drives innovation and brings out the best in my colleagues. I strive to be honest and do no harm.

professional skills

personal trivia

  • Born in... (+)
  • Favorite anime... (+)
    Favorite shounen is Bleach, hands down. And yes, I like Ichigo. OP and all. I don't find him to be as one-dimensional as some people do. He wants (and wields) power to protect his friends and family. I identify with that. I also love Mushi-shi. The setting and music are always beautiful, even when the story veers a bit dark.
  • Favorite sport... (+)
    Basketball but I don't keep up with it as a spectator.
  • Personal mantra... (+)
    "Be like water" (attrib. Bruce Lee)
  • If I could be anything besides a programmer, what would I be? (+)
    TRICK QUESTION! Programming is my passion and I love it doing it. That doesn't make me better than people for whom it's just a job, but I say that to say I literally can't imagine what I would do if I had to pick another job or thing to be (professionally speaking).



A media trading platform for all you analog folks out there.

Johnson-Jones Family Book

Source Code Live Demo

Johnson-Jones Family Book

An application that aggregates and displays family and ancestry data.

Tower of Hanoi

Source Code Live Demo

Tower of Hanoi

A mathematical puzzler with deceptively simple rules.

work I'm interested in

I don't have a particular type of job I'm looking for at the moment. I'm ready and willing to rise to the occasion. I love React, client-side JavaScript and Rails (and it's Python cousin, Django). ActiveRecord (and whatever Django's is called) is probably my favorite ORM for its ease of use, thanks to Ruby. I like Rails for its convention and "magic". I like the ME*N stack because I don't have to switch languages throughout my project. And speaking of Rails magic, Next.js is probably my favorite flavor of React right now. It's like all the React goodness with some of the "magic" of Rails.

But back to me. I'm a brilliant developer who can pick up what you put down. I can take the reigns or I can go with the flow. I'm an all-around asset to any team. The most important part of what I'm looking for right now a communicative, supportive team where I can grow, at a company that values its people and treats them like human beings.

I genuinely enjoy working with others, teaching, helping and learning.

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